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Bishop’s Word

Dear brothers and sisters,

The Church in Zimbabwe, urged by Jesus Christ himself, gathers together in prayer during the month of July to “ask the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers to his harvest” (Mt 9:37).
The People of God needs shepherds that will guide, feel and protect those entrusted to their pastoral care. We must ask God to provide our diocese with those indispensable “stewards”, holy and generous men shaped in the image of Jesus, the Main Shepherd, in whose ministerial priesthood they share and in whose name they act.
A community in which none of its members is ready to assume the priestly ministry or the religious vocation is a sick community and runs the risk of dying. It is a community that, is unaware of its own needs, does not cry and ask from God; it is a selfish community expecting that other communities and parishes, other dioceses or countries will make the effort to look and provide for them the priest or religious they need so badly; it is a “parasitic” community that wants to live at other people’s expense!
It is inconsistent to complain about the lack of vocations and at the same time to remain with arms crossed waiting for other parents to sacrifice themselves by offering their children to the service of the church. The community laments the absence of priest but it does nothing for the promotion of vocations to priesthood or to consecrated life.
The responsibility to ask for labourers for the vine which is the Church falls on the entire People of God; but also the obligation to offer all possible resources that can contribute to make our youths receptive to the voice of God and ready to joyously respond with generosity and enthusiasm to the call that comes to them from the Holy Spirit.
If it is true that the vitality of a Christian community is measured not so much by the quality of the church choir or by the beauty of the liturgy or by the structures in place, but by the presence of vocations to priestly and religious life, can you say that your community is healthy? Please consider this issue as important, bring it to your meetings and come up with a possible concrete action to be taken by all.
It is God who chooses. But it is the duty of the community to help in the discernment, the formation, and the presentation to the bishop, of those who have been call.
We entrust our seminarians and novices and all who feel called to priesthood and religious life, to the maternal care of Mary.

…. A continuation from the last issue (Part II) By Fr. P. Mulenga

What is consecrated life, and our expectations for the consecrated persons… are some of the issues we presented in the last bulletin. As a continuation, in this second part on the year of consecrated life, we briefly attempt to clarify certain terminologies or titles in religious life.
In the first place, it’s good to know that in Religious Life priests,
brothers or sisters / nuns live in communities that embrace the spirituality, Charism and teachings of the community’s founder call. Members of these communities follow Jesus through taking vows of  poverty, chastity and obedience. They grow in holiness through their gift of themselves to God and His people.
A vow is a public sacred promise or commitment made to God with the approval of the Church.  The vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience are also known as evangelical counsels; they may be taken for one, two, or three years, depending upon the decision of the community and the individual. These promises are renewable for up to nine years. As soon as three years after  making temporary vows, a person can make a promise to live the  vows for life.

Poverty: Poverty is a call to share all goods in common, live  a simple life, and depend totally on God. Chastity: Chastity is a call to love and serve God and all God’s people, rather than to love one person exclusively in marriage. A life of chastity is a witness and testimony to God’s love. Obedience: Obedience is a call to live in community and to surrender one’s own will to the will of God. In community, religious listen to their superiors and the voice within to  discern God’s call for their life. 

Education Commission

Responsible authorities of Catholic Schools, Hwange Diocese attend a workshop on child protection
The responsible authorities of Catholic Schools of Hwange Diocese attended the Z.C.B.C Child Protection Policy workshop on the 13th -14th of May 2015.
The Child Protection Policy invites all adults to create always a friendly working environment with children.
The responsible authorities are encouraged to share their reflection on the “Child Protection Policy” with the teachers and others who are working with children.
Fr. Jimu Muleya


Dear Rev. Frs.

For your own information, the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe (CCJPZ) published a pre-byelection press statement in the Daily News and Newsday (10th of June 2015. )

The by-elections followed the recalling of former MDC-T members. Grouped by province, the by-elections were held in the following constituencies:

1. Bulawayo Metropolitan [5 seats]: Lobengula, Luveve, Makokoba, Mpopoma/Pelandaba and Pumula;

2. Harare Metropolitan [6 seats]: Dzivarasekwa, Glen View, Harare East, Highfield West, Kambuzuma and Kuwadzana;

3. Manicaland [1 seat]: Chikanga-Dangamvura

4. Matabeleland North [1 seat]: Tsholotsho, and

5. Midlands [1 seat]: Mbizo.

Hopefully it will be published in other media like the Catholic Church News (CCN) for a wider readership. Your comments and views with respect to the statement and electoral framework are welcome in order to improve the justice and peace ministry in the Church.

Fr. Stan


Traditionally Grown Sesame  turned into Cash Crop
CARITAS Hwange is supporting farmers in Binga district in growing Sesame ( Bwengo in Tonga) on a commercial basis. The crop is being grown under the Integrated Food, Nutrition and Income Security Program (FNI). 
The crop, which is drought tolerant, was hitherto,  grown   traditionally on a small scale for consumption.
400 farmers have formed 35 groups to grow this crop after  having bought seed from SIDELA. The wards covered are  Kalungwizi, Nabusenga, Sinampande-Nagangala, Sinansengwe, Sinakoma, Lubu, Kariangwe, Kabuba and Sinamagonde.                                   The crop is performing well and as a drought tolerant crop, it was able to withstand the dry spell that affected other crops early this year. The farmers were trained on maximising yields and 441 other farmers were reached on information dissemination through field days. The field days were held in Kalungwizi, Sinansengwe, Kariyangwe and Sinampande where 153 males and 288 females attended. The training on value chain for sesame will be done in the next quarter.
The farmers who have grown the sesame crop have entered into a contract with SIDELA and they are already assured of a market. SIDELA will export the crop to India where there is a ready market for Sesame. The crop has the yield potential of 663 tonnes and the farmers are expected to generate about US$464,100 this year.



      •    The diocese currently has 18 major seminarians

  • Pastoral work for the major seminarians  will start on the 15th                       

       June to the  15th of  July 2015. On the 16th of July all major    
seminarians will have to meet at the minor seminary in Dete.

  • Priests who will receive seminarians for pastoral work are       

kindly being asked to present a  written  progress report.

  • Pre seminary work  –Tusimpe 2-5 July 2015 (arrival 2nd July)          

  -Jotsholo 28-30th  August 2015 (arrival 28th August)
-Chimuniko13th -16th August 2015 (arrival 16th)
Fr Jimu Muleya


The Missionary Daughters of Calvary managed to send Sr Angeline Munkuli (Novice Mistress) to the International Congress for Trainers in Consecrated Life which was held  in Rome recently.
The congress ran from April 7-11 in the Italian capital
Sr Angeline who represented the Daughters of Calvary  at the  Congress could not suppress  her joy describing  it as an eye-opener.  She said its recommendations would help in fortifying formation work amid the challenges of the present time.
“The congress exceeded my expectations as it opened my eyes to the different trends in the formation and also provided solutions to someof the challenges and questions I have been grappling with”
The aim of the congress was to reflect upon the fundamental aspect of consecrated life in the Church and the world in a multi-cultural context, and the demands on formation that this contemporary context entails.
A formator is called to convey the message of the charism of the congregation and  help the young people to be drawn to Christ remembering that they are the future of the congregation and the church.
A formator must be a good listener  and  the formator is not the center of  of formation but God himself is the one who touches and transforms the heart of the person
The formator should practice hospitality to those entrusted to his/her care so as to help them to grow.
The formator should make the gospel the root of formation


Fr  ChristopherSibanda

The  acronym YOUCAT  stands for Youth and Catechism.   YOUCAT also stands for “YOU and CATECHISM”, meaning make the whole  religious wealth, which has been growing for 2000 years since Jesus appeared on earth, your  own thing.                                                
YOUCAT is a real catechism developed with the input of young people. It is an official catechism recommended by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and complied under the direction of the primary editorof the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Cardinal ChristophSchonborn of Vienna.
Pope Benedict XVI endorsed the YOUCAT. He wrote in the foreword, “I hope that many young people will let themselves be fascinated by this book”. He goes on to urge the youths to study the YOUCAT. “Study this catechism with passion and perseverance. Study it in the quiet of your room; read it with friends; form study groups networks; share with each other on internet… You need to be  more deeply rooted in the faith than the generation of your parents…” He says. Dear young people, many of you are immersed in a culture hostile to many Catholic teachings and practices and have absorbed many of the false ideas and values of that culture. Having the YOUCAT your system therefore makes you a real professional in the faith. You will have a great basis to be able to give others a gift of faith too. You will be able to explain, for example, why there is only one God and not many in the Christian belief. Have a positive attitude towards your faith. Be well formed Catholics. Avail yourselves for workshops on the YOUCAT teaches. Your presence will make you find an appealing entry to a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith through the  YOUCAT.
In conclusion, less well formed young people often need to start elsewhere, with something more attuned to responding to theiroutlook. Dear parents, priest, catechist, teachers and other adults, YOUCAT like Catechism and the Compendium  providesan attractive teaching tool for reaching young Catholics.
YOUCAT is keyed to the Catechism. Own one and help a youth.

MAY GOD BLESS YOU!                         


Senior Legion of Mary :
The main council is called the Hwange Comitium, which governs the Legion in the diocese. Under that are the ‘curia’ councils at 1) Number 2, Number 3 and Number 5 Townships, 2) Makwa Curia, 3) Sacred Heart mission, 4) Dete, 5) St. Mary’s Mission, 6) Victoria Falls 7) Fatima. These consist of approximately 42 praesidia (parish cells) with around 600 members.
Activities;- this year have included holding the main annual function, called the Acies, at St. Ignatius Cathedral, with the bishop presiding. Over 300 made their renewal of promises while  Fr. MasimbaNyoni preached on the meaning of the Acies
 NCCAM; -,They are attached to the national Marian umbrella association for Marian movements, known as NCCAM, and this year they have a congress at Gweru.
Works of the legion; - included visiting the sick, visiting homes to evangelise, street contact work, visiting the prison and hospital, assisting at funerals, visiting the elderly.
The Junior Legion; -    Consists of members up to the age of 18, though there are some groups of Young adults to cater for those whoare over 18 but who are not yet married. 
Junior curiae; - There are just 2 junior curiae, for Hwange Town parishes and for Makwa. There are around 14 junior praesidia, with around 200 members
Junior Legion outreach; - This was conducted 16th – 19th April, based at St. Peter and Paul Parish. 200 juniors came, made up of 45 from St. Mary’s Mission, 31 from St. John’s Mission and 124 from Hwange urban area. On the first day they split into groups and did pastoral work at Madumabisa rural, St. Stephen. They encouraged the villagers to come to our church and to start catechism. They also found lazy Christians and  couples not  married in church or even courts, so they encouraged them also. On the second day they had lessons from Fr. MasimbaNyoni and Sr. Jessie (Mrs Ngwenya), and Sr. Indra from the Daughters of Calvary.

Congress; - They are due to have their annual 2-day congress this August, this time at Makwa.
Fr. Tim Peacock,



During the month of May, most activity surrounded the preparation for the pilgrimage to Maria Unchena which will be held on Saturday, 30th May 2015.

Hwange urban held its monthly“Chiposhi” meeting on the 9th May where a very educative and fruitful lesson on bringing up challenging children in a Christian home was facilitated by Fr K. Sithole.               
The zonal meeting was held on the 16th May 2015.  This meeting was attended by the Spiritual Director who informed members about the need to assist with cash or kind during the forthcoming Maria Unchena day.  Members were also informed of the visit by the Nuncio to Hwange Diocese.
As at today [22 May 2015] a total of $353.00 was collected and handed over to the St Marys Parish Executive. 
Members participated at the ordination and thanksgiving mass for FrThembaChipembere.

Feedback meetings were held at the three zones were executive members who attended the National Retreat were giving reports on what transpired at the retreat.  In preparation for Maria Unchena ladies were encouraged to pay $1.00 per member.  The cash will go towards buying groceries to feed the religious coming from all over the diocese and the guests on the 30th May 2015.

All St Anne women are looking forward to participating in the pilgrimage on Maria Unchena day.  Preparations for the Hwange Zone all night prayer at an advanced stage.  This will be held at St Ignatius Cathedral on the 26th June.  Members are being encouraged to start preparing for the trip to Mutare for the National Congress in August 2015.


                                  PASTORAL CENTRES  







Pre-Seminary Workshop (postponed)



Catechist Course 2



Small Christian Communities








Tusimpe Pastoral Centre




Pre- seminary workshop




Care of the sick & Funeral leaders








Youth All night prayer




St Anna’s day








Girls retreat




Youth Parish Congress








Singing course




Catechist Zone


Dingindlela Pastoral Centre


07-11, 10 am  



17-19, 01 pm

I-Congress yabobaba


24-27, 01 pm

I-Congress yabomama


30-01, Aug.

I-Congress yamaYoung Adults





12-15, 10 am

I-Congress ye-M.C


19-22, 10 am

I-Congress yabasakhulayo








1. Feast Days  St Joachim Parish   26 July  2015 
St Ignatius of Loyola Cathedral 31 July  2015
2. His Lordship Rt Rev. Bishop Angelo M Floro will be celebrating  his golden jubilee as a priest.  The Diocese of Gokwe therefore extends the invitation to the thanksgiving Mass on the 8th of August 2015 at St John the Baptist  Cathedral , Gokwe
Bicentenary  of the  Birth of Don Bosco. The celebrations will be held  in the City of Hope , Lusaka Zambia on the  16th of August 2015. Salesian family of Don Bosco
4. Condolence messages  the diocese mourns the loss of:

  • Major seminarian Newman Ndlovu’s brother passed away on the 10th June 2015 in Botswana
  • Fr Matthias Sibanda’s young brother CosmasSibanda passed on the 11th june 2015 in Malonga, Dete.
  • Fr Michael Chitehwe of the Arch diocese of Harare who passed on on the  3rd  July 2015




Dear brother and sisters,
It is my pleasure to officially announce the following new appointments:
Rev Fr. PontianoMulenga, SDB: Acting Priest-in-Charge, St Teresa of Avila Parish Hwange (w.e.f. 9 May 2015).
Rev. Fr. Keto Peter Sithole:  Priest-in-Charge of St. Mary’s Mission, Lukosi; Director of Chimuniko Pastoral Centre (w.e.f 7 June 2015).
Rev. Fr. John XolaniNdlovu: Priest-in-Charge, St Monica and St Joachim Parishes, Hwange (w.e.f. 7 June 2015).
Rev. Fr. Christopher Sibanda: Priest-in-Charge, St Francis Xavier Parish, Dete (w.e.f. 9 June 2015).
Rev Fr. Wellington Manjonjo, OFM Cap:  Assistant Parish Priest, Fatima Mission (w.e.f. 11 June 2015).
Rev. Fr. Adolf Wisdom Simwinde: Assistant Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Mission, Jambezi  (w.e.f. 13 June 2015).         Rev.Fr.LuyandoMweembe: Assistant Parish Priest, St Ignatius Parish, Hwange (w.e.f. 13 June 2015).
Rev. Deacon Fitzgerald KudakwasheChipangura:  Our Lady Of Peace and St Kizito Parishes, Victoria Falls (w.e.f. 13 June 2015).
Rev. Fr. Serafin Suarez:  Diocesan Delegate for Family Apostolate (w.e.f. 16 June 2015).
Rev. Fr. VusumuziNdlovu:  Priest-in-Charge, St George’s Parish, Hwange (w.e.f. 23 June 2015).
Rev. Fr. Brillie T. Z. Tshuma:  Assistant Parish Priest, St Francis       Xavier Parish, Dete (w.e.f. 13 July 2015).                                                                                            

May the Lord bless the appointees and their ministry.

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