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The resurrection of Jesus gives light and strength to live our Christian life to the full. Jesus, He alone is the way, the truth and the life. He alone is the real salvation of the world. We are filled with joy as the risen Christ is proclaimed by our shepherds, the priests. Let us remember that the fourth Sunday of Easter time has been called the “the Good Shepherd Sunday”. We need “shepherds” to look after the flock. We should pray to God to send many and worthy shepherds to look after the flock. We should help the shepherds to become what Christ wants them to be. This helping task is for each and every one of us, right from the moment a boy expresses his desire to become a priest. We can fulfil this task by encouraging them  to be faithful and by praying for them day after day.
Let us pray also for ourselves that we may remain faithful ‘to Christ throughout our lives’.
Let us make the prayer of the two disciples to Emmaus be ours: “stay with us Lord, the day is almost over and it is getting dark” (LK 24:29). Let our live be a continuous Easter, being a people of the resurrection “never to die again”
I remain with two questions for you:
What is the risen Christ for you?
What are you to the risen Christ?
Fr Jimu Muleya

(Pope Francis to seminarians from regions around Rome, 5-4- 2014 )

“To become a ‘good pastor’ in the image of Jesus is something too great, and we are so small…. It is true! …. we are the smallest of men. It is true, it is too great, but it is not our work! It is the work of the Holy Spirit, with our collaboration”, the Pope said.
Encouraging them not to be overwhelmed, Francis explained to them that the process involves sacrifice: “It is about offering oneself humbly, as clay to be moulded, so that the potter, who is God, can shape it with water and fire’ with the Word and the Spirit.”
Francis affirmed that the seminary is not an escape. It is “not a refuge for the many limitations we might have,” he said, “a refuge from psychological lacks or a refuge because I don’t have the courage to go forward in life and I seek there a place that defends me. No, it is not this. 
 “If your seminary was this, it would become a mortgage for the Church! No. The seminary is precisely to go forward.”


How beautiful it is to see priests joyous in their vocation, with a deep serenity, that sustains them even in moments of fatigue and pain! And this never comes about without prayer, prayer from the heart, from that dialogue with the Lord… who is the heart, so to speak, of priestly life. We need priests, there is lack of vocations. The Lord calls, but it is not enough. And we bishops are tempted to take young men who present themselves without discernment. That is bad for the Church!

Please, one must carefully study the evolution of a vocation! See whether it comes from the Lord whether the man is healthy, whether the man is well-balanced, whether the man is capable of giving life, of evangelizing, whether the man is capable of forming a family and renouncing this in order to follow Jesus. Today we have so many problems, and in many dioceses, because some bishops made the mistake of taking those who at times have been expelled from other seminaries or religious houses because they need priests. Please! We must consider the good of the people.
(From letter of Pope Francis to the Congregation for the Clergy on the importance of vocational discernment)


The most asked question to me when I started the seminary was, “When do you finish?” It was one of the most frustrating questions that I have ever been asked. But with the passage of time it seems to be the question that has disappeared in my conversations with people. They don’t ask this anymore. This is most probably because the journey has been long and all the enthusiasm they had has died down.
After more than eight years of seminary formation, I have come to realize that time is long when you are idle but very short when you are busy and preoccupied. My days in the seminary have passed so swiftly with me always behind time. Assignments due dates and presentations deadlines keeping me always under pressure, it does not seem like eight years have gone by. All in all these have been very rewarding days in my life.
Besides the intellectual knowledge that I have received in the seminary, it is the Human and Spiritual formation that I cherish more. Life in the seminary has taught me to be more human. It has taught me the importance of the dignity of persons. Each and every member of the human family is important and must be treated with respect and love. It is from this understanding that the Christian vocation flows from. It leads to pure love! It leads to God.
I have learnt serving the people of God requires this understanding. It brings out the love that is needed to change our world. Thus since God is love, we are all destined to love others and live as if they are more important than ourselves. (cf. Rom. 12,10) My understanding of the dignity of persons has helped me to grow in love of others: neighbours and enemies alike. My prayer is that the Good Lord who has sown this seed in me may bring it to fulfilment.

By Fitzgerald K. Chipangura

                                                   MY PASTORAL EXPERIENCE

It is a joy to live the life you want to live to the fullest. Priesthood is a call from God and hence those who are called to it should live it to the fullest. I still remember when I told my friend that I want to be a priest, he said to me, ‘’...nkuyumu kuba fada tokoyokonzya pe...’’ (It is very difficult to be a priest you will not manage). But here I am today I feel that God is still calling me to be a priest not that I am better than others but it is because God is calling me. Eight years spent in the seminary might seem to be too long a period, but as for time seem to have moving very fast. I spent a year in Mazoe Pre-Major Seminary for my Human and Spiritual formation. I give thanks to my formators who helped me. I still cherish all the advices they used to give us as seminarians. I did my three years of philosophy at St Augustine Major Seminary in Bulawayo, this period was a good time for me, it helped me intellectually. In the same line of studies I did my four years of Theology at Chishawasha Regional Major Seminary in Harare. During the years at Chishawasha, my vocation to the priesthood was deepened. I give thanks to all my spiritual directors who have been guiding me throughout my formation.
After completing my studies I was sent to Lambo Christian community for my pastoral experience. Allow me to say that, this was best experience I have experienced in my vocation. I learnt a lot frommm   the communities of Lambo, I was serving. I learnt to be humble, to love and to listen to the people. I also learnt to give myself time to be with the people of God in their homes. It is also in these communities that I learnt that prayer is very important. After a year being at Lambo, I was ordained a deacon, and then I was sent to Dandanda Mission. The experience of Lambo pastoral work was of great help for me, it is for me the backbone of my pastoral activities and thus it helped me so much to practise my diaconate ministry. Diaconate ministry is for service. Thanks to the two happy priests of Dandanda mission who helped me to increase my pastoral zeal, especially the aspect of service. I am a happy deacon of the Catholic Church and I am not regretting to be in this ministry, I am enjoying my ministry.
So, if you feel that God is calling you to become a priest in this diocese, please contact Fr Jimu Muleya, who will happily accept you.

Thank you.
Reverend Deacon Luyando Trust Mweembe   


Alleluia, alleluia, the Lord is risen. He is not here; behold the place where they laid him.
Destroy this temple (the temple of his body) and I will raise it up in three days.. They mocked him, spat at him and crucified him.
Like a seed that is sown into the earth, so was the son of man in the heart of the earth for three days. Like Jona in the belly of the fish, so was the son of man in the heart of the earth for three days. He is not here behold the place the laid him.
He has appeared to Mary, “tell my brothers to meet me in Galilee”. He has appeared to the apostles, “l ascend to my father and your father “. He has appeared to Cleopas and his friend, “you find it so hard to believe what the prophets said”. He is not here behold the place where they laid him.
Alleluia, alleluia, the Lord has risen. Let us all rejoice and be glad, alleluia.
He has risen, he is not there behold the place where they laid him. Let us all rejoice for the Lord has raised himself from the dead. Let us rejoice for we died with him in sin but rose with him to new and everlasting life. Alleluia, alleluia.

Proud Muunga


Easter is a season of joy for all of us in the Church. It is even a greater joy for the seminarians.

As we celebrate the Lord’s resurrection we also celebrate the special gift of our vocations. Jesus sacrificed his life to redeem humanity, so too we sacrifice our lives for the service of God’s people. Joy is the main aspect of Easter because now the Son of God has freed us from our sins.
The “alleluia” is said boldly to show joy and firmness of spirit. In the seminary like in other parishes Easter is well observed with proper liturgical celebrations. Seminarians have the zeal to serve God when they have celebrated Easter. During this period we prepare ourselves to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Easter also teaches us to strive for the Kingdom of God. It is also a time of purity because our sins were washed away and a rebirth in the Spirit took place. White is used in the celebrations as a symbol of joy and purity. When sins are forgiven, then, we become worthy to serve God and His people with clean hearts.   
I wish all seminarians a festive Easter season and let us shine forth into the world as the light of the nations. The gospel has to be preached to the ends of the earth because Easter is the beginning of the mission to evangelise.      

Praise Muunga
(A Seminarian preparing for Human and Spiritual Formation)


He is risen from the dead
Our Master Jesus Christ
Have defeated death
We are no longer slaves of sin/death
Let us rejoice and preach the Good News without fear.

Tito Muleya
 (Seminarian preparing for human and spiritual f ormation)

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