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         Christ Is the one who calls; He is the one to whisper into the hearts of our young people the “follow me” of the Gospel (Mt.4:19; Jn. 21;19). Let no one venture into the way of Priesthood unless called by the Lord (Heb. 5:4).

         As a community we are called to help our boys to accept the call of Jesus “follow me”, inviting them to become priests. 

Fr. Jimu Muleya,
Vocations Promoter.

         A colourful celebration at the Cathedral 0n the 7th of December 2014 marked the closure of the first Diocesan Synod of Hwange.

52 Synod members, laity, religious and priests, together with the Bishop, deliberated during two weeks on the topics which the faithful of the Diocese had studied during the previous two years.

In small groups by languages (Nambya, Ndebele, Tonga and English) and in plenary sessions, the synodal members studied in depth most of the topics from the first chapter of the Working Document.
         A document starting with theological reflexions, the 31 propositions approved by the Synod and a final request to the Bishop was the result of the Synod.

         But there is still work ahead: That final request to the Bishop is going to be fulfilled in the establishment of two commissions. One to compile the work done at the Synod itself and another one to go through the material collected in the working document and other contributions from the people, and present it to the Bishop. The Bishop himself will make use of all this material and at a later date make public his decisions to the diocesan community.

         We have reached a stage in our Christian pilgrimage but the path is still open ahead of us. Future generations will remember this event as an important hint in the history of the Diocese.

Fr. Johannes Alarcia

Junior Youth (Poetry)

            FIRST PRIZE:           Faith Chuma, St Joachim Parish
            SECOND PRIZE:     Jacquie Sibanda. St. George’s Parish
            THIRD PRIZE          Vuyisile Mpofu. Jotsholo Parish


Missionary Childhood (Drawings)
            FIRST PRIZE:           Nosizi Sibanda. St. Joachim Parish
            SECOND PRIZE:     Dalule Khumalo. Jotsholo Parish
            THIRD PRIZE          Arthur Nyoni. Fatima Parish


           Madube. Fatima Parish
           Nomazitha Ngwenya. Jotsholo Parish
           Macqueline Sibanda. St. Joachim Parish




            Why do we have Priests?

I think many Pentecostal churches have pastors, who lead them. Pentecostal pastors are married. Their wives are there to help them with some duties.

            But in the Catholic Church we have unmarried priest. They are there to lead the people of God spiritually and they are men who were called by God to lead many people to grow spiritually and to learn how to always forgive and forget.

            They are assigned to many different places where they work at the service of the flock of God.  When they were ordained by the Bishop their ministry was given to them by Jesus Christ, who is the founder of the Church.

            Many people do not understand why in the Catholic Church we have priests. Priests do have pastoral duties but are different from the pastors. Those learning to be priests (they are called seminarians) go through intense training to be taught  how to preach the word of God.

Some of them end up failing. Their failing can not be taken as a crime; probably it will be a sign that one was not called. “Many are called, few are chosen”. So I think God has a reason why he called them in a different way.
            From my point of view I think everyone has a calling and priesthood is one of the most demanding callings because, it is about building the Kingdom of God.

            1John 4:18, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, but he who fears has not been made perfect in love”.

 Natasha Ndlovu
(CYA. St. Kizito, Victoria Falls)

Thuma mina Nkosi
By Rev. Deacon Adolf Wisdom Simwinde 
            Isivuno sikhulu kodwa izisebenzi ziyingcosana. INkosi iyasibiza sonke ukuthi siyisebenzele.    Ukusebenzela iNkosi yisibizelo njalo kungumsebenzi omkhulu kakhulu eBandleni. KuMathewu 28:19, uJesu uthi: “Hambani lenze izizwe zonke zibe ngabafundi..” INkosi iyasithuma sonke kumsebenzi wokutshumayela. Abanye siyathumeka, abanye bethu phakathi kwethu kasithumeki.

            Ngombhabhathizo siba ngabantwana bakaNkulunkulu. Nxa sesingabantwana bakaNkulunkulu, siyabe selungele ukuthunywa. Ukuthunywa kwethu akucini ngombhabhathizo kodwa kuqala ngokubhabhathizwa. Mihla ngemihla iNkosi iyasibizela kulumsebenzi wokusindiswa kwabantu. Umhlaba esikuwo udinga ukusindiswa. UNkulunkulu uyathuma abanye phakathi kwethu ukubana ukusindiswa kwabantu kuyephambili. uNkulunkulu kathandi ukuba umuntu afele esonweni kodwa ukuba asindiswe. UOgastini oNgcwele uthi, “uNkulunkulu kathandi ukusisindisa singekho thina”, (he does not want to save us without us).

            Ngenyanga kaNtulikazi, inyanga yokukhukekela izibizelo, kulengoma eyame ukuhlatshelwa endaweni zeTshongokwe, “uBaba uswel’ azamthuma, thuma mina weBaba, thuma mina kumagumbi amane...”. Le yingoma elomutsho omkhulu kakhulu nxa kukhulunywa ngendaba zezibizelo.

            Mhlaka 9 August 2014 lalililanga lokuthunywa koMpristi, amaDikhoni loMinister  kusifundabhishophi  sethu.  Ngelanga  leli  isifundabhishopi sethu sathola obaba abane, abazinikela ekusebenzela iNkosi. Laba lilanga okwajatshulwa ngalo kakhulu. Akulula ukuthola izibizelo kulezinsuku ngoba inengi lamajaha lamantombazana lifuna lapho okule mfanelo kumbe inzuzo khona. Isibizelo sobupristi sidinga ukuzinikela lokuzimisela okukhulu kakhulu. Ukuhlala  kwami  eSt. Cecilia (Tshongokwe) ngingumAcolyte lokuhlala kwami eOur Lady of Peace leSt. Kizito  ngingumdikhoni  kungifundise  ukuthi  isibezelo sobupristi sidinga kakhulu ukuzinikela lokuzimisela.

            Thuma mina Nkosi. Amalanga ethu wonke njengenceku zeNkosi kumele sibe ngabathi: “Thuma mina Nkosi”


Go I send you
Go baptise them,
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
Go preach into all nations
Go I send you

Fear not for the Holy Spirit
Will come forth,
He will guide you, direct you
And he will protect you,
for I say:  Go I send you.

Tell them I am the Way, the Truth and the Life
Teach them the truth and,
Show them the light
 for I say, Go I send you.

I say to you
If you have faith and believe in me,
You shall do miracles,
Greater than I did,
for I say,  Go I send you

Who am I?
Some say you are Elijah,
Others say you are John the Baptist,
Others say, you are one of the prophets,
But you are Christ, Son of the living God,
And I say , Go tell no one
But Peter my rock
On you my Church shall stand.
So go for I send you.



Faith  Chuma
St Joachim Parish. Hwange

First prize for Junior CYA Vocations Competition

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