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Servant Church

A synod is like borrowing spectacles from God(sic), we want to see as He sees, we ask Him to show us the way so that we can produce fruits as He expects of us,’  said Bishop Albert Serrano at the Mass marking the opening of the Diocesan Synod held at St Mary’s Mission on the 17th of november 2014

Partly basing his homily on St Elizabeth of Hungary who chose poverty so as to serve the poor,  Bishop Serrano said that we are supposed to be at the service of the poor in the diocese. We are supposed to be poor so that others can be rich.
“we as a diocese are  a family of God and servants at the service of God. Our final examination before the lord will not be on accounting, business mathematics but on how we loved m”.

He highlighted  that the synod is supposed to be an exercise of humility and faith in the Lord, “ this is an exercise of humility and faith. Thus we have on our diocesan logo ‘in the of the risen lord together we walk”

In his address the bishop further went on to highlight the Synod as an ‘opportunity to see where and what are the needs of the people today and how we are going to put a remedy to this hunger, thirst and nakedness being experienced today”
“We want a servant church attentive to the needs of our society”


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