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The association membership is found in all the three (3) zones of the Hwange Diocese which are Lupane, Binga and Hwange. 

The majority of the members are in the rural areas with are considerable number from the urban areas of Hwange town, Victoria Falls, Dete town and Binga.


The association has a membership of   2629 [uniformed].


Listed below are the activities during the period June to September 2014

  • Meetings
  • Womendivided themselves in groups suitable for their weekly meetings on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays the reason to divide in groups is to create suitable time for every member to be able to attend the weekly meeting.
  • Purpose of meetings is to share and worship together as a family of God and Walk together in the Light of the risen Lord.


  • Workshops
  • Members attends workshops at their respective pastoral centres  e.g Social doctrine of the church, catechists course, preachers courses etc.
  • Retreats and Congresses

Retreats and congresses were held during the months of July and August as follows:

  • In the month of June Retreats took place though out the diocese at mission and parish levels in preparation for the celebration of the St. Anne Patron Saint feast which was to be held on 26 July.
  • From 24-27 July   2014 two missions namely Dandanda and Jotsholoheld congresses while the rest celebrated the feast on 26 July in various ways such as leading of masses on the 27th July.
  • Other women members assisted at the National Youth Congress held at Marist Brother Secondary |School starting 14-17 August 2014.
  • Diocesan congress

Diocesan congress was held on 21-24 August 2014 at Marist Brothers Secondary School. The Right Reverend Bishop Albert Jose Serrano who was the main celebrant blessed the congress during mass.
Theme: (Joshua chapter 24 verse 15): MyFamilyand I willWorship God


            Lessons at the congress on spiritual aspects covered the following.
Lesson 1: Synod:
Hwange diocese is preparing to celebrate the diocesan Synod during the months of November and December 2014.  To support the holding of the Synod the following were discussed.

  • Evangelisation:
  • Has the word reached us in Hwange diocese?
  • Jesus was the first preacher, we have to carry the cross and follow him, repent, leave

bad practices and change heart,

  • Attract others through Small Christian Communities. Share the word of God with others
  • Witnessing to Christ:
  • If we are to witnesses to Christ we need to leave bad practices in our daily lives and witness to Christ living Christian life, participate in attending mass every Sunday and whenever possible.
  • Understanding and the use of sacraments, justice, peace and reconciliation (Mat. 5:23-24)
  • Ecclesial Communion
  • Need to understand the communion of the church and its followers, the communion of each Christian with God brought about by Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, the communion of all Christians with one another in the world and the coming world.
  • Worship/Liturgy
  • They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers (Acts 2:42).
  • From the beginning of Christian history the brothers and sisters have believed that Christ is with them always.
  • Liturgy is actions of the whole Christ wereheaven and earths are united.


  • Lesson 2 : My Family and I will Worship God
  • When starting a new marriage we wishing  for the best, won’t be knowing what will happen in future,  now marriage is falling children are giving problems, who do we choose.
  • We need to choose for our children, we need to teach them not to destroy them for example on our faith.  The home is the first church and the catechism starts at home.
  • We need daily prayers, prayer corner and time table for prayers, the prayer corner is composed of thebible, holy water, candle, rosary and Mother Mary’s statue.
  • When children and husband don’t have interest in praying, choose Christ they will follow. 
  • On big days or church feasts, change the diet or type of food to special one so that children recognise, carry prayer spirit to our homes, take our children to church. Gen 39:6, Titus 2:3-5.  My family is first priority, attend mass with our children, share the word of God with the family, teach the children about  the sacraments – repentance and sickness
  • Children are gifts from God, we need to teach them about our faith, encourage holy matrimony and let there be peace in the family.
  • Lesson 3 : St. Anne Association Constitution:
      • Every home, church and association has its rules.
      • You cannot do what you want, put on what you want and come at your own time.
      • You have to stick to the rules of the association and abide with the constitution.


  • Lesson  4: Married but Divorced/Single Parent
  • The topic covered different types of marriages, causes of divorces and way forward for the divorcees in the church and the sacraments.
  • Causes of single parents and how as Christians single parents would handle the situations in the church association/groups and in the community.  
  • Lesson 5:  - Health

The lesson on health covered on the following:
Breast cancer, cervical cancer, heart problems and its causes, and good and bad eating habits.
Gen. 1:27. Gen 2:7. Luke 8

  • A breast cancer has nothing to do with witchcraft. Breasts are important for babies to suck, give shape and identity that anatomical you are a woman.
  • Stages of breast cancer- 1st stage: Small lump 1cm grows to 2cm, 4cm to 5c.  Cells start to grow and have nothing to do with the breast.  A lump develop, and can be  discovered by massing the breast and husbands can assist to detect the lump
  • Cervical – women are advised to do pap-smear and other check-ups regularly.
  • Heart problems and causes including high blood pressure can be caused by food that we eat, can also be hereditary.
  • Good and bad eating habits can also be caused by not eating unbalanced diet, stick to eating timetables for breakfast, lunch and supper without skipping a meal. Eat quality food not quantity.
  • Lesson 6: Self Supporting/Self Reliance Church
  • The church should be looked after by Christian should help our church in several ways. (Africa rise and walk – Hwange diocese to rise and walk)
  • Find ways of sustaining the churchand  teachings as catechists’ canon law 229, 226, 237.
  •  Attend courses of different nature in church
  • Provide for the church.


  • Visit to Pandamatenga
  • The women coordinated a visit to the Pandamatenga Shrine where the first five (5) Missionaries came to Hwange are buried.
  • The Right Reverend Bishop A J Serrano who was the mass celebrant as usual blessed the shrine.
  • The occasion which is open for all Christians in the diocese was attended by Christians most from Hwange Zone.
  • Every year on the last week-ending of September Christians in the diocese go to celebrate mass at the shrine
  • Forthcoming Activity: National Day Of Prayer
  • Preparations for the National Council day of Prayer in the diocese are at an advanced stage.
  • The women will be travelling to Chinhoyi to participate in prayerwith other dioceses from 25-26 October 2014 at Chinhoyi Show Grounds in Chinhoyi.



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