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The Hwange Diocesan Synod has ended. To mark the closure, highly spirited Synod members congregated at the Diocesan Cathedral for the final celebration of Holy Mass together. 

“This has been a long journey”   noted Bishop Albert Serrano addressing the congregation.
It’s not a common sight to witness the two thousand sitter building filled to capacity. The last event that attracted such a capacity crowd was at the closure of the year of faith which culminated in the launch of the Nambya Bible, a brain child of Fr Alexander Alapont

The Synod Members also put their signatures on the document with all the theological reflections, proposals to be presented to the bishop.

The unique event has shown in a special way the Ecclesial Communion of the whole People of God gathered around their pastor; it has also shown the sharing and cooperation of all the different members of the diocesan community willing to work together in the common goal of spreading the Gospel, building the Kingdom of God and establishing the Church among us. 

Just who constituted this assembly of priests, religious and lay people chosen among the members of (this) particular Church, to help the Bishop, pastor of the diocese, for the good of the diocesan community (cfr. C. 460)

Vicar General: Very Rev. Fr. Marko T. Rumuma
Judicial Vicar: Very Rev. Fr. Joshua del Barrio

Diocesan Pastoral Council Members:

Zonal Pastoral Councils: 

Hwange Zone:

Ms.LocadiaNyoni                                                                                                                                                        Mr.James Ngwenya                                                                                                                                                         Mr.Mhangarai Tivatyi
Fr. Vusumuzi Ndlovu (Bishop’s Delegate)

Binga Zone:

Mr. Ophias Sibanda
Mr. Nicholas Syameka
Mr. Muchimba Dube
Fr. Linos Dube (Bishiop’s Delegate)

Lupane Zone:   

Mrs. Virginia Masuku
Mr. Raymond Ndlovu
Mr. Gift Ndebele
Fr. Nemesio Frías (Bishop’s Delegate)

Apostolic Associations:

Men of St. Joseph:         Mr. Francis Shoko
Legion of Mary:               Mrs. Monica Kilindu
Women of St. Anne: Mrs. Rosemary Dube
Catholic Youth: Master Denmark Muleya

Religious Congregations:

Marist Brothers:                                                                          Bro. Ebel Muteveri
PRECIOUS Blood Sisters, C.P.S.:                                             Sr. Caroline Dube
Missionary Daughters of Calvary, C.M.F.C.:                               Sr. Juliet Nyathi
Franciscan Missionaries of the Devine Motherhood,F.M.D.M.:    Sr. Teclar Munkuli

Diocesan Commissions:

Catholic CommisionFor Justice and Peace, C.C.J.P.:     Mrs. Fortune Mpofu
CADEC-Caritas:                 Mrs. LocadiaNyoni

Directors of Pastoral Centres:

Chimuniko:                       Fr. Mgcini J. Moyo
Dingindlela:                       Fr. Alphonse Trujillo
Tusimpe:                           Very Rev. Fr. Joshua del Barrio

Deaneries Representatives:

Western Deanery:          Fr. Progress Ncube
Eastern Deanery:            Fr. Linos Dube

Designated by the Bishop:

Sr. Monica Nene, CMFC: Diocesan Health Co-ordinator
Fr. Jimu Muleya: Diocesan Education Secretary, Rector of the Minor Seminary and Vocations Promoter

Members of the Synod Steering Committee:

Very Rev. Fr. Marko Rumuma
Very Rev. Fr. Joshua del Barrio
Fr. Mgcini J. Moyo
Fr. John R. Mudereri
Fr. Masimba Nyoni
Fr. Luis Carlos Rilova
Fr. Johannes Alarcia
Mr. Samson Sibanda
Mr. Johannes Nyoni
Mr. David Mthombeni
Sr. Rosemary Sibanda, CMFC
Sr. Michael Majahana, CMFC


Western Deanery:          Fr. VusumuziNdlovu
Eastern Deanery:            Fr. LinosDube

Priests chosen by the Deaneries:

Western Deanery:          Fr. KujaniMpofu
Eastern Deanery:            Fr. Christopher Sibanda

Major Religious Superior of one Congregation:

Sr. Michael Majahana

Lay persons of Parishes/Missions not represented in D.P.C. or in the Synod Steering Committee:

St. Kizito, Vic. Falls:       Mrs. Lorine Mahlangu
St. J. Bakhita, Vic. Falls: Master Nigel Chitombo
Holy Family, Hwange:    Mrs. TakaendesaMaponga
Holy Cross, Lusulu:        Mr. Norman Munkuli
Mary Immaculate, Gomoza: Mrs. Rita Mathe
St. Ignatius, Hwange:    Mr. John Ngoshe
St. Joachim,ZESA, Hwange: Miss Rosina Nyoni
St. Monica,No.5,Hwange: Mrs. Memory Dube
Sacred Heart Mission:    Mr. Obert Chuma

Appointed by Bishop:

Fr. Eusebius J. Nyat

Fr. Joshua N. Nyoni

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